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The Sutter County Republican Party is committed to advancing the conservative principles of liberty, opportunity and justice for all. Building our party and electing Republican candidates up and down the ballot are a team effort. With so much on the line, please join us by making a secure contribution or volunteering today!

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Americans, regardless of party affiliation, want a fair economic system that isn't rigged. We want a system that makes it easier for low and middle income families to build wealth. We want everyone to enjoy better income, wealth, gender and racial equality. We want more affordable housing, health care and health insurance. We want an education system that offers a world class education to every child regardless of family income or zip code. We want to feel safe in our homes and communities.

Our differences are not in our goals but in our policies. One party takes a paternalistic approach to governance. They've created an administrative state where politicians and bureaucrats attempt to enforce outcomes. They raised personal income taxes to the highest in the nation to support their big government machine. They use the politics of envy justify even higher taxes. It doesn't work.

Democrats have dominated California politics for over 60 years. We may have the 5th largest economy in the world but among the 50 states we rank 48th in income equality. We have the 3rd highest cost of living in the nation. We're in the midst of a government induced housing crisis. Half of us don't own our own homes and face ever increasing rent. Over 35% of Californians were living in or near poverty before COVID-19 and we lead the nation in homelessness. Businesses are leaving California at an alarming rate.

From our nation's founding, liberty has produced the economic freedom that inspired innovators, entrepreneurs and risk takers. Their passion fueled the prosperity that lifted millions out of poverty. It built a middle class that was the envy of the world and attracted millions of immigrants to our shores.

The Republican approach is to respect liberty, limit the size of government and give consumers real choice by promoting competition. It's a fundamental difference and it works. The greatest income, wealth, gender and racial equality are rooted in countries that embrace liberty. Economic freedom flows from Liberty. Economic freedom makes it easier for people of all races and genders to rise from poverty. The best housing, health care and educational systems are in the countries that respect liberty. It's simple, individuals and families make better decisions for themselves than politicians and bureaucrats.

Help us elect leaders that aspire for more liberty and understand the pitfalls of government paternalism.

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Making Sutter County better doesn't happen just when there's an election. It's happens every day because people like you have stepped forward. They care about our communities and the people that live in them.

See a better way? Good at problem solving? Pick up a clipboard, gather a few signatures and run for office. From the local school house or levee district to the state house, we need caring people running for office. The next primary election is Tuesday, March 8, 2022 and the next general election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

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