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The Sutter County Republican Party is committed to advancing the conservative principles of liberty, opportunity and justice for all. Building our party and electing Republican candidates up and down the ballot are a team effort. With so much on the line, please join us by volunteering or making a secure contribution!

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Americans, regardless of party affiliation, want a fair economic system that isn't rigged. We want a system that makes it easier for low and middle income families to build wealth. We want everyone to enjoy better income, wealth, gender and racial equality. We want more affordable housing, health care and health insurance. We want an education system that offers a world class education to every child regardless of family income or zip code. We want to feel safe in our homes and communities.

Candidates, regardless of party, are driven to make life better for the people they serve. Our differences are not in our goals or how much we care. The differences are in our in our policies.

Democtic politicians have controlled both houses of the legistature in 56 of the last 62 years and the governor's office for 32 of those. They've created an administrative state in which politicians and bureaucrats attempt to control outcomes with a never ending maze of laws and regulations. The system rewards powerful unions and well connected corporations at the expense of everyday Californians. It hasn't worked and 62% of us think our best days are behind us.

Even before COVID 19, over 35% of Californians were living in or near poverty. We rank 47th in income equality. We lead the nation in homelessness. We have the 3rd highest cost of living in the nation and 53% of us are considering moving out of state because of it. More than 40 large corporations have left the Golden State in the last two years. We're in the midst of a government driven housing crisis. Half of us don't own our own homes and face ever increasing rent. The retirement of public servants is at risk because our politicians have ignored an unfunded public employee pension liability of $713 billion. We're 37th in pre-K to 12th grade education. It's time for a change.

California can be so much better. From our nation's founding, liberty produced the economic freedom that inspired innovators, entrepreneurs and risk takers. Their passion fueled the prosperity that lifted millions out of poverty. It built a middle class that was the envy of the world and attracted millions of immigrants to our shores.

The greatest income, wealth, gender and racial equality are rooted in countries that embrace liberty and limited government. The economic freedom that flows from liberty makes it easier for people of all races and genders to rise from poverty. The best housing, health care and educational systems are in the countries that respect liberty. It's simple, liberty and economic freedom make it easier to start or expand a business, increases job opportunities, encourages competition, gives consumers more choices and lowers the cost of living.

Good intentions are not enough. Americans crave opportunity and prosperity, not paternalism and subsistence. Help us build a brighter future by electing leaders that aspire for more liberty and economic freedom.

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Making Sutter County better doesn't happen just when there's an election. It's happens every day because people like you have stepped forward. They care about our communities and the people that live in them.

See a better way? Good at problem solving? Grab a clipboard, gather a few signatures and run for office. From the local school house to the state house, we need caring people running for office.

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